Let Mickey and Friends Teach You How to Type

Mickey Mouse and friends are ready to take you on an exciting typing adventure through the land of Typlandia.  Help solve puzzles and enchantments as you make your way to the palace while learning how to type.  You are the hero of this story and the keyboard magic will free Mickey's friends from the strange enchantment.  Mickey's Typing Adventure is the most fun way for kids to learn how to type!

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Exciting Animations and Adventure

The typing adventure begins right away in the kingdom of Typelandia where you have a variety of stories, characters and settings to choose from.  Kids will be delighted to interact with Disney character favorites like Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Mickey and Minnie.  Each mini-game is brought to life with Disney characters and your child will have be engaged in the adventure storyline from the start.  Plus the shopkeeper will join you in a crystal ball to help you through every step on your journey through Typelandia.

Exciting Typing Games and Courses

Through the incredible typing games and courses in Mickey's Typing adventure, kids learn the basics like proper hand posture and finger placement.  Courses are built to accomodate a variety of skill levels and will grow with your child, with more advanced lessons perfect for each age and skill level.  The typing games are designed to build typing skill and accuracy while maximizing the fun and engagement with the adventure.  Choose from 7 incredible typing games as you build your typing skills.

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Disney Stories Brought to Life

Kids have the opportunity to practice their typing skills with some of the most beloved stories.  Choose from any of the 10 passages from Disney stories like Tangled.  The stories section gives kids an opportunity to learn the entire keyboard, as opposed to select finger-to-key memory techniques like in the arcade.

Why Disney: Mickey's Typing Adventure?

  • Kids are motivated to learn to type with Mickey Mouse and Friends!
  • The story unfolds as kids learn to type
  • Kids get to be the hero and save Mickey's friends
  • Animations with favorite Disney Characters
  • Typing Courses for all ages and skill levels
  • Fun ways to practice typing with favorite Disney Stories and exciting Typing Games

Motivating, Entertaining & Educational Features

  • 11 Customized typing courses
  • Lessons and challenges
  • Progress reports and results
  • Exciting ways to practice typing
  • Fun typing games reinforce finger-to-key memory
  • Certificates of achievement
  • Charts and feedback
  • Coloring pages of Disney characters

Recommended for ages 6-12 - Teens and Adults who like Mickey Mouse and friends will also enjoy it.

System Requirements for Disney: Mickey's Typing Adventure:

  • Macintosh® OS X 10.7 – 10.8¹
  • 700MB hard drive space
  • keyboard and mouse.

¹Administrator privileges are required to properly install the program on Mac® OS X.


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