Logo Design Studio Pro has helped millions of people create professional looking logos for their business or side gig. Whether it’s for your own personal use or your clients let Logo Design Studio Pro your graphic design tool of choice.

$19.99 for the first month, $7.99/month after that.


Logo Design Studio Pro is a Membership


Perfect For Logo Makers

Do you create logos for a business or even a side hustle? Logo Design Studio Pro BE is the perfect solution to keeping your costs low and having access to a quick and simple logo design tool that will help you design logos quickly and efficiently.


Perfect For Graphic Artists

Having unlimited access to graphic design software is a must. Logo Design Studio Pro BE is the ideal logo design tool that is constantly updated with new modern graphics and templates that will help you save time and money while crafting unique logos.


Perfect For Content Creators

Content creation is a never ending job and Logo Design Studio Pro BE helps you create unique, trendy logos that you can use for any project. Our easy to use interface helps you save time by using premade templates that can easily be altered and adjusted.


Full Access For The Life Of Your Membership

Your membership gives you full access to Logo design Studio Pro Online where you will have full control to create as many logos and variation as you can dream up.

Unlimited Logo Designs

Access to the designer lets you create as many logos and design as you want. There are no limitation for the number of logos you can create and you can download one, or all of your creations as many times as you like.

Save Your Logo Designs

We make it easy to design, save, and tweak your logos. For example, start working on your logo on Monday, and return on Thursday to edit or change your design. You’ll gain full access to save all your designs and the ability to come back and edit them at a later time. No restrictions, and no limitations.

Vector Based Logos

Every logo that you design and download with Logo Design Studio Pro Online is available in vector format which means no pixelation. This allows your logo to be sized as big or small as you want without losing the crisp clean edges. Your logo will stay sharp and vibrant no matter the size.

You Own Your Logo

Every logo that you create and download is yours. You own it. You now have full rights and permissions to trademark and copyright your logos and use them for commercial use.

Cancel Anytime

After your initial 30 days you can cancel your membership at any time.

How It Works:

  • Your first month is only $19.99
  • And just $7.99/month after that (cancel anytime after 30 days)
  • You get Full Access to our logo designer
  • Create and download as many logos as you like
  • Save and access all the logos you create for the life of your membership
  • Vector based logos that can be sized to any dimension
  • You own everything you create

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