Cutting Edge Premium Content Pack

Modern, Clean Logos and Inspirations for Logo Design Studio Pro

Created by industry professionals, designers, and art directors, Cutting Edge has the highest quality logos and concepts to date. No stick figures and outlines here! All the fonts, logos, and graphics included in Cutting Edge Pack are vibrant, full-colored designs ready to make an bold impact in your logos design. The included Design Guide provides color inspirations that are popular among logo designers today.

Logo Inspiration

The Cutting Edge Pack is inspiration not for the faint of heart. Our design team has consulted with designers, directors, and industry professionals to create 25 bold designs for your use and inspiration.
Qbin Logo Inspiration
Cutting Edge Premium Content Pack font sample

New Fonts for your New Logo

The Cutting Edge Pack includes 30 hand-picked fonts to match your new logo. These fonts are designed by us and are licensed for your use.

Bright and Bold Color Inspiration

With Logo Deisgn Studio, creating custom colors is easy! The Cutting Edge Pack Design Guide includes hand picked colors and color combinations with RGB values so you can use these vibrant colors in your own designs.
Cutting Edge Premium Content Pack graphic sample

Hand-made professional graphics

Need your logo on the side of a building? No problem. All of the graphics and inspirations included in Cutting Edge Pack are 100% vector so they will stay clear and sharp at any size.

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