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The history of every family is as unique as an individual fingerprint.  With Family Tree Heritage, you now have the ability to document and preserve that family history with the most intuitive and comprehensive genealogy software available.  You can quickly and easily create beautiful family trees that will showcase your family’s heritage. Family Tree Heritage gives you so many options for documenting your unique family tree. From an incredible variety of pedigree, descendant and family charts to large wall charts to family ancestral books, Family Tree Heritage gives you every tool you need to create family tree documents that you can be proud of.

Find Ancestors with Family Search

Finding long-lost ancestors and expanding the understanding of your heritage has never been easier.  With one click, you can unlock records, documents and even photos of ancestors.  With Family Tree Heritage, you’ll have full access to one of the most powerful family search tools: Family Search. There is no subscription required for worldwide searches and you’ll have the ability to search billions of records with just one click directly from the Family Tree Heritage interface. Finding links to ancestors and branches of your family tree that were previously undiscovered has never been easier or more fun!

Share Your Family Story

The tools in Family Tree Heritage make it incredibly easy and rewarding to create documents that are easily shared with family members. With hundreds of options for different charts, trees, reports and records, you have everything at your fingertips to create an incredibly powerful family narrative that can be shared and passed down to future generations. Why not use Family Tree Heritage to create a family book that will become a treasured heirloom for years to come. The Ancestral Book Reports and Descendant Book Reports features make it incredibly easy to compile and export a fully documented and living history of your individual family.

More Tools than Any Other Genealogy Program

Family Tree Heritage gives you the biggest bang for your buck bar-none! Most genealogy programs only do a fraction of what this program does and they are more expensive. Family Tree Heritage is the only genealogy program that not only gives you access to incredible ancestral search through FamilySearch, but also gives you the tools to document and share your unique family history with others. Unique features like the Interactive Research Timeline, which helps you uncover events that occurred in your ancestor’s life while you’re working are unique to this program. Plus the intuitive tags, color-coding and charting systems make Family Tree Heritage one of the easiest programs to use.
More Tools
Completely Portable

Take your Family History Anywhere

One of the most unique features of Family Tree Heritage is that it is fully compatible with your Windows tablet. This means that you can go between working on your PC and tablet with ease and never have to worry about losing your work. With the ability to access your family database right from your tablet, it means that you can literally work from anywhere. And sharing your family tree with others is as easy and simple as handing them your Windows tablet!

More features than any other genealogy program

Family Tree Heritage is guaranteed to be the best genealogy program in the world. With more features, an intuitive interface and the best family tree search in the industry, you’ll be able to craft your family story in a way that is both personal and fun.

Detailed Feature List:

  • New Features
    • Color coding to ID generations
    • Interactive research timeline
    • Tagging
    • Updated FamilySearch Database
  • Ancestry Charts
    • Box charts with photos
    • Standard ancestry charts
    • Ancestry wall chart
    • Wall chart with siblings
  • Descendent Charts
    • Standard descendent charts
    • Descendents wall chart
    • Dropline chart, line of descent
    • Simple dropline with photos
  • Family Charts
    • Publish a family book
    • Ahnentafel Chart (German Ancestor Chart)
    • Ahnentafel with Siblings
    • Cascading family group charts
  • Pedigree Fan Charts
    • Four color fan chart
    • Quarter circle fan chart
    • Half circle fan chart
    • Full circle fan chart
  • Large Wall Charts
    • Ancestry wall charts
    • Descendent wall charts
    • Descendent dropline charts
    • Line of descendent charts
    • Wall-sized fan charts
  • Pedigree Charts
    • Basic pedigree chart
    • Blank pedigree chart
    • Pedigree chart documented
    • Pedigree chart with images
    • Cascading charts
  • Family Books & Scrapbooks
    • Publish a family book
    • Ancestral book reports
    • Descendent book reports
  • Lists & Calendars
    • End-of-line individuals list
    • Sorted place list
    • Sorted individuals list
    • Sorted marriages list
    • Source and citation list
    • Family reunion contact list
    • Custom lists
    • Birthday calendar
    • Anniversary calendar
  • Records & Reports
    • Family group record
    • Individual summary
    • LDS individual reports
    • LDS couple reports
    • Modified register
    • Page of testimony
    • Blank family group sheets
  • Advanced Management Reports
    • Research log
    • Sorted place list with events
    • Possible problems
    • Duplicate individuals list
    • Unlinked individuals list
    • Relationship report
    • Database comparison list
    • Detailed change log
  • User-Friendly Interface
    • Modern interface with 17 skins
    • Share on flash or thumb drive
    • 1-click search to billions of records
  • Advanced Features
    • GenRelationship Examiner
    • Indexed & advanced search
    • GenCollaboration
    • GenResearchManager
    • GenSourceCitation
    • MapQuest Locator

Family Tree Heritage Screenshots:

Family Tree Gallery:

Family Tree Heritage System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Mac OS 10.7 or later
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB
  • Display: minimum 800×600
  • Internet Access required

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