Font Boss Font Manager for Mac

Powerful Font Management for Mac

Easily take control of your fonts using FontBoss, a powerful professional font manager for Mac. Using different fonts in your projects help express unique stylistic elements in presentations, advertisements, websites, logos, and other creative work. As you collect more fonts, you need better control over your typefaces. FontBoss makes it easy to find available fonts on your hard drive or on a CD/DVD, preview fonts without installing them, create font collections for specific projects, install or temporarily activate fonts, and uninstall or deactivate fonts.
Font Manager for Mac

FontBoss Features

  • Open and manage fonts from your hard drive, DMGs or any CD/DVD
  • Permanently install or uninstall fonts
  • Temporarily activate (until reboot) or deactivate fonts
  • Preview window allows you to type in any text and adjust its size, color and style
  • View font metrics that provide information about a selected font
  • Supports OpenType and TrueType fonts
  • Quick font search to locate fonts from collections or in your font list
  • Create collections to manage fonts for specific projects
  • Saves a backup of your installed fonts when you first run Font Boss

System Requirements:

  • Mac 10.7 and later
  • 10 MB Hard Disk Space

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