Let’s Make a Flyer with GDS

Let’s Make a Flyer with GDS

A Macware How-To

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Set up your document

Launch Graphic Design Studio > View > Drawing size & Grinds > Select your size. Let’s do 8.5 x 11 in for the flyer > Select inches from the drop down > OK Tip:  Always make sure to set your size before you start any project. Just follow the same process shown above.   Sizing Doc   Step 2 of 5

Add your background

There are two ways to accomplish this. First, you can select any of our pre-designed vector graphics. Choose Graphics > Pictures > Select your image > Add to canvas. Or, Import > and select any graphic/image you may want to use from your own library. Tip: If you need a full visual of your canvas, be sure to click on zoom in/out   Add your Background   Step 3 of 5

Create a heading

Now you’ll be able to add your text to advertise your event and/or promotion. Choose Text > Click on your canvas > Expand your text frame > Double click to enter your text. Tip: Double click on your text to change the font, size and color. You could also launch the font manager by choosing text > Font > Show Fonts. The shortcut is ‘command’ T   Add a Heading   Step 4 of 5

Add more content to your flyer

Follow the same steps to create a text. At this point you want to include the details of your event/offer. Choose text > Click on your canvas > Expand your text frame > Double click to enter text. Tip: Once your text is created, choose select. With this option you will be able to move your text around and position it to your desired location.   Add your text   Step 5 of 5

Let’s print your flyer

Once you have completed your project, you are ready to print. Choose File > Save as (give it a unique name) and Save. You may want to save it as PDF to hand off for printing at a local shop. Choose File > Export > Format: PDF > Select your location > Export. Tip:  As always, you can save your projects into it’s default format to go back and edit, and/or continue your project. Once you are finish, follow the steps above to print your finish product.   Print your flyer   That’s it! You’re done. The help file is always available for you to use. Choose Help > Graphic Design Studio Help.   For additional information on Graphic Design Studio please visit our product page HERE