Insights from the boss – On the Mac App Store

a1sx2_Original1_Bruces-blog-banner.jpg What a difference the Mac App Store has made in the way we buy computer software.  When Apple announced the online store would open on January 6, 2011, we were all excited at Macware.  At the time they announced it, we had 6 of our Macware titles in all the Mac retail stores and we saw this as a way to increase our product offerings. The Mac App Store allowed thousands of developers to have their software in a location that would be seen globally.  Macware has enjoyed great success on the Mac App Store, but find one small problem with the store.  We like to communicate with our customers directly when they have questions about our software, but the Mac App Store does not allow for this.  Hopefully this might change in the future. Another concern I’ve heard from Mac users about the Mac App Store is, “Am I getting full versions of a product” and “why did some products that used to sell for $20-50, and now sell for $1-2 on the Mac App Store”. I’m not sure that I can answer those questions for every developer, but I do like that Apple approves every app that is on the Mac App Store. They perform strict testing of every product submitted, to ensure that it will work smoothly.  This is something that as a developer of quality Mac apps, I strongly support.