What to expect at WWDC 2014

a1sx2_Thumbnail1_WWDC-2014.jpg This year’s WWDC at Moscone Center in San Francisco is going to be busy and bustling with developers from all around the world, who make their way to see the upcoming features that the company has laid out for them into both the code side and hardware side. This year’s big announcements is also probably going to have a new high-profile member added to the center stage with the acquisition of Beats Electronics, makers of the awesome and trendsetting Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. According to Billboard, Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre are most probably going to make their presence known by appearing next to Apple’s CEO Mr. Tim Cook to make the official live broadcast announcement, just my guess. In terms of products….strong possibility that this year’s emphasis is going to be on Mac OS X.  Since we are currently on 10.9 I would take a guess that its going to be called 10.10.  Since Mac OS has been mostly, but quite efficiently, ignored over the past few years, rumors have been circulating the mac walls on the internet that a huge upgrade is in the works with more seamless compatibility with iOS. On a side note of naming conventions, I’ve always said, versions numbers are cheap!  We can make any software or app any version we want… Does anyone think it might even be called OS11? Like usual, I bet developers will be able to download it on day of the announcement but my guess for the proper Apple-style release date would be October 10th 2014 (10.10.14). On the Hardware front, Mac Mini’s haven’t been updated in a while and we think the Apple version of iWatch, will also quite possibly make an appearance with actual release date later in the year.  It was Steve Jobs favorite thing to do…announce a amazingly brand new product and let the audience just soak it in for a moment and then hear the thunderous applause that followed.  If this new piece of hardware were to be announced at WWDC, This would be Tim Cooks’ first New Product announcement.  How do you think he will handle it?  I’ve seen him over the years evolve into the “Steve Jobs style of walking and talking” so he may do it in the same manner…we’ll see! Last year he did do iOS7, so I’m expecting that this year will be iOS8 on a bigger size iPhone model to compete with the larger Android devices like the Note and Tab from Samsung.  I love my Apple iPhone, and I just wish they don’t make it too big that it’s awkward to hold in one hand.  Since the market is demanding larger screen smartphones, Apple has no choice to actually provide it now to its loyal fans. Now Apple can surprise us all and make a Mac OS X iPad form factor tablet.  They have the technology, they have the hardware so what’s stopping them? One things for sure, since they just update the Mac Pro and the Mac Book Pro last year, they sure won’t be updating that product line. Untill next time (After WWDC…)