Press 2007 Macware Releases EmailCampaign


Macware Releases EmailCampaign

Email marketing software to reach your clients and customers

OMAHA, NE – November 29, 2007 – Macware®, a leading Mac software publisher, announced today the release of EmailCampaign™, powerful email marketing software to help Mac users easily connect with their clients, customers, colleagues, friends and family.

Quickly create and send targeted email messages to your clients and customers that get your business noticed. EmailCampaign provides powerful tools to manage your contact list; design simple or complex marketing messages; verify active and dead email addresses; adjust flexible send options according to what your service provider will allow; and handle bounces and unsubscribe replies.all for a fraction of the cost online subscription services would charge.

EmailCampaign Features:

– Quickly grab the email addresses you need by doing a simple drag and drop of any file, folder or URL to an extraction window. This generates and saves a clean contact list free from duplicates and bad email addresses.

– Quickly verify which email addresses are good or bad before actually sending out your message. This saves time during delivery and reduces the number of bounces.

– Sending your campaign to a large contact list will almost always give you some bounces (returned mail) based on full mailboxes, delivery timeouts and other reasons. EmailCampaign extracts bounced email addresses so you can resend or remove the addresses from your list.

– No need to start from scratch. Quickly change any of the 300+ custom pre-made email templates that best fit who you are and what you are trying to say. Choose from detailed letters, announcements, press releases and invitations; to graphically rich newsletters, special offers, and other promotional media.

– EmailCampaign is Can-Spam compliant, featuring a helpful guideline on how to effectively and legally create and send email marketing messages to your opt-in contact list.

– And more…

EmailCampaign is now available on the Macware website at, and will be available in Apple retail stores, Fry’s Electronics, Microcenter and other Mac software retailers beginning in December for an MSRP of $99.99.

More information is available on the Macware website at



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