Press 2013 Macware Releases New Version 7.0 of macTuneUp


Macware Releases New Version 7.0 of macTuneUp

OMAHA, NE – May 6, 2013 – Macware, a leading developer and publisher of Macintosh software, has released to the public today the new version of its top-selling Mac utility software, macTuneUp(TM) 7.0. MacTuneUp has been the leader in Mac utility and repair software for over five years. As users continually want faster computers and more room to store their growing digital media, Macware has met these demands by constantly improving macTuneUp, as it has done with this new version. Everyone will see an improvement by utilizing macTuneUp 7.0 including users who are tired of their Mac running slow, their applications crashing frequently or those who want to take care of their Mac before they run into problems they cannot recover from. MacTuneUp 7.0 quickly discovers and fixes problems, restores hard disk space, maximizes Internet performance, securely erases files and folders, completely removes unwanted apps, guts unnecessary language files, makes Macs boot faster, and more. Some of the advances made in macTuneUp 7.0 include: * More in depth and faster scanning of your Mac * Removes unnecessary language files that come preloaded and take up precious hard drive space * New scheduling tool allows for automatic cleaning of your system * Even on a brand new Mac you can safely recover 8GB or more of space * Built from the ground up in order to maximize the performance of Apple’s newest operating system as well as older OS versions “With all of the major changes Apple has made with their new operating system, it was time to build macTuneUp 7.0 from the ground up on the latest technology,” said Ishan Amin, Macware’s Vice President of Product Development. Although macTuneUp utilizes the advances of Mountain Lion, it works to repair and speed up Macs with operating systems that go back to 10.6.8. Are you ready to get your Mac running better than new? MacTuneUp(TM) 7.0 is available now at Macware, Inc. online for a special new release offer of 50% off the regular price of $39.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies).     About Macware, Inc. Macware develops and publishes award winning intuitive software designed for Mac users. Headquartered in Omaha, the company is committed to the interests of creative Mac users with products available through major retailers in North America, Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom and Japan, as well as on the Internet. For additional information please visit our website at Press Contact: Rebecca Deterding Macware, Inc. (402) 554-1400 Macware is a registered trademark of Macware, Inc. Other company and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.