It must be new font season!

b2ap3_thumbnail_NewFontsBlog-header2.jpg   The end of summer and the early days of autumn don’t necessarily make one think about new fonts but that’s exactly what’s on our minds around here! While the leaves are slowly turning brilliant colors and the days are growing shorter, we are swimming in a pool of brand new fonts fresh from our very own font foundry, SummitType.   As the creative director I get to see these fonts up close and personal from their initial conception right up to their completion and I have to admit, we have a lot of new and exciting type faces coming your way! Our first set of new fonts have been put together into a collection aimed at educators and teachers. We have our new 50 Classroom Fonts collection, that also comes with some really cool graphic clip art, that showcases fonts that are perfect for those teachers that like to add some creativity to their classrooms. There are fonts to make posters, newsletters, banners, scrapbooks or any other project, but there are also a collection of unique fonts made to help teachers create custom worksheets. We have introduced typefaces that display as fractions (in a few different styles) that make creating math lessons a snap. You’ll also see some “ruled” fonts that use the classic 3 line ruled paper as part of the font itself that can be used for handwriting and spelling lessons. We’ve heard from many teachers that use our fonts over the years and we are proud to deliver the number one requested font styles in this new collection.   We’ve also been busy adding even more style and variety to our already incredible FontPack Pro Master Collection that now boasts over 7,600 fonts! That’s right, we’ve just added over 1,400 brand new, never been seen before, fonts to our library of type styles. These are some of the best fonts I’ve seen in awhile and the range of styles is truly impressive. I’ve been testing them for a few months and I have to admit that more than a handful have found their way into some of my design work over that time, but don’t tell anyone, these fonts weren’t supposed to be out in the world at the time!   As a designer fonts are the backbone of my creative process. No matter if I’m creating a logo, a newsletter, a poster or whatever, the first thing I look for is the right fonts for the job. Once I find the fonts that represent the look and feel of the project I know the rest will fall in place, and having this extended collection at my disposal is proving to be an invaluable tool.

Ten Things To Know About OpenType Fonts

1.  OpenType fonts were developed by Microsoft & Adobe upon the previous TrueType and PosrScript font format. 2.  The OpenType format was developed out of the need of a more expressive font format to handle fine typography and the complex behavior of many of the world’s writing systems 3.  OpenType fonts became the industry standard around 2005. 4.  An OpenType font can accommodate more than 65,000 glyphs where the previous TrueType and PostScript fonts could only contain up to 256 characters. 5.  OpenType fonts are cross-platform font files, which mean they can be used without modification on Mac OS & Windows operating systems. 6.  Unicode standards give Open Type fonts much better language support opportunities than Post Script or True Type fonts. Unicode’s consistent encoding can support multiple language characters instead of one font for each language group (Western Roman, CE, Baltic, etc.). 7.  OpenType fonts are digitally signed which means your applications and operating system can verify the source and integrity of the font, making them more secure. 8.  Changes to kerning, line spacing and naming don’t allow for compatibility between the new OpenType Fonts and older TrueType and PostScript fonts. 9.  Most new applications support the OpenType format since it is the industry standard. 10.  OpenType font file sizes can be considerably smaller than their older counterparts. Macware has a collection of over 6,200 OpenType fonts designed by our own SummitType font foundry.  You can view the collection here: Macware’s Premium Font Collections.  You can also download 40 Free Fonts.

Press 2009 Macware Announces New Website Free Commercial Use Fonts Offer

Macware Announces New Website – Free Commercial Use Fonts Offer

OMAHA, NE – May 26, 2009 –

Macware, a leading developer and publisher of Mac productivity software, has announced today the relaunch of their website at  Macware is offering visitors to the new site a selection of free commercial use fonts, brand new to the market from their font foundry. 

Macware has updated its site, previously, to in order to better serve the Mac community and offer more extensive productivity solutions.  Macware products are easy to use and include software for logo design, invoice and billing, hard drive defragment and repair, email marketing, extensive font collections, and many more.

As part of Macware’s commitment to offering the best Mac productivy solutions, they are providing a selection of commercial use fonts at no cost.  These fonts were created by the Macware font foundry and are being released as a preview of what will be available in the new releases of MacFonts 3 and MacFonts 4 later this year.  Each of these font collections will include 1000 brand new royalty-free fonts of the highest quality, each containing full sets including international characters.

Visitors can receive these free commercial use fonts by visiting as well as explore the numerous additional solutions Macware has to offer.



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